You’re That Good

New Year’s Resolutions are floating around in my head. Are we not supposed to do that anymore? Overly hopeful expectations perhaps destined for failure mixed with a lack of accomplishment and deep-rooted guilt. So we’re just not supposed to dream big?
A new year is the perfect excuse to revaluate your laundry list of day dreams and give yourself a pretty sweet to-do list. Don’t let those pessimistic thoughts stop you from achieving or failing. Go forth! Dream big! Fail if you must! But you must try.
Make those resolution lists totally manageable: “floss. daily, dammit!” and add on little (what you thought were) unreachable goals. You will start to find that those goals are absolutely attainable. Not easily. Of course not. But through hard work, motivation, inspiration and a solid plan of attack, you will reach your overly ambitious resolutions. And what happens when you achieve? Excitement! And additional dreams just waiting for you to scoop them up.
Then you’ll be on a role. There will be no stopping you. Don’t be afraid of failure. Amongst the accolades and triumphs, there must be some (or many) mistakes, bumps, road blocks and full on tearful and frustrating moments of wanting to give up.
Fact: those shitty failures make us strong and brave. And in the end, bravery breeds adventure and success. So make your list of resolutions and feel the power and magic behind pursuing what you love. No to-do is too big or too small. You can do this. You’re that good.

2 Responses to You’re That Good

  1. Jesse
    - December 23, 2013 Reply

    Well said.

    • taylor
      - December 23, 2013 Reply

      Aw thank you, Jesse!! 🙂

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